A Beautiful Agreement

O/our Contract of Submission
O/our Contract of Submission


This contract is provided as a secure and binding agreement which defines in specific terms, the D/s relationship and interaction between two consenting individuals, hereafter termed the submissive and the Dominant. This in no way supersede our prior commitment as Husband/wife and Father/mother within our family dynamic. This agreement is binding amongst both parties, and must be entered into voluntarily. It cannot be broken except under the conditions stated herein, after which certain precautions shall be taken to protect those involved. (See section 7.0.0)

I sweetcheeks (known now as submissive in the contract, and upon agreement known as submissive where demanded by the contract.) will become of my own free will, the submissive of The Loving Dominant/”Dear”(known now as Dominant in the contract, and upon agreement known as Dominant were demanded by the contract.)

1.0.0 submissive’s Role
The submissive agrees to submit completely to the Dominant in all ways. There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which the submissive may willfully refuse to obey the directive of the Dominant, without risking punishment, except in situations where the submissive’s veto (see section 1.0.1) applies. The submissive also agrees that, once entered into the Submissive Contract, their body belongs to their Dominant, to be used as seen fit, within the guidelines defined herein. The submissive agrees to please the Dominant to the best of their ability, in that they now exist solely for the pleasure of said Dominant .

The submissive will strive to overcome feelings of guilt or shame, and all inhibitions that interfere with their capability to serve Him and limit growth as His submissive.

The submissive is required to maintain honest and open communications with Him.

The submissive will reveal thoughts, feelings, and desires without hesitation or embarrassment, of fear of punishment.

The submissive will inform Him of any wants and perceived needs, recognizing that He is the sole judge of whether or how these shall be satisfied.

The submissive shall strive toward maintenance of a positive self-image and development of realistic expectations and goals.

Understanding that any surrender as a submissive is done with the knowledge that nothing asked of me will demean me as a person, and will in no way diminish my own responsibilities toward making use of my full potential.

Any consent given by the Dominant for a task, which the submissive was made full aware of will be absolute. To say it can not be rebuked if the submissive is adamant and the Dominant is not in violation of the contract, the submissive will be subject to punishment of the Dominant’s choosing (3.0.0)

1.0.1 submissive’s Veto
The submissive, where appropriate, holds veto power over any command given by the Dominant, at which time they may rightfully refuse to obey that command. This power may only be invoked under the following circumstances, or where agreed by both Dominant and submissive:

a. Where said command conflicts with any existing laws and may lead to fines, arrest, or
prosecution of the submissive.

b. Where said command may cause extreme damage to submissive’s life, such as losing their job, causing family stress, etc. (An alternative should be devised. )

c. Where said command may cause permanent bodily harm (see 4.0.0) to the submissive.

d. Where a safe word is put into play: The safe word is envelope .

2.0.0 Dominant’s Role
The Dominant accepts the responsibility of the submissive’s body, to do with as they see fit, under the provisions determined in this contract. The Dominant agrees to care for the submissive, to arrange for the safety and well-being of the submissive, for as long as they see fit. The Dominant also accepts the commitment to treat the submissive properly, to train the submissive, punish the submissive, Respect the idea that the submissive has submitted into your full control, and use the submissive as they see fit.

3.0.0 Punishment
The submissive agrees to accept any punishment the Dominant decides to inflict, whether earned or not.

If earned, the severity of the punishment may be increased in accordance to the Dominant’s wishes.

3.0.1 Rules of Punishment
Punishment of the submissive is subject to certain rules designed to protect the submissive from intentional abuse or permanent bodily harm (see 4.0.0). Punishment must not incur permanent bodily harm, or the following forms of abuse:

a. Blood may not be drawn at any time. Punishment must stop immediately if blood is drawn.
b. Burning the body
c. loss of circulation
d. Causing internal bleeding
e. Loss of consciousness
f. Withholding of any necessary materials, such as food, water, or sunlight.

4.0.0 Permanent Bodily Harm
Since the body of the submissive now belongs to the Dominant, it is the Dominant’s responsibility to protect that body from permanent bodily harm. Should the submissive ever come to permanent bodily harm during the course of punishment, or in any other submissive related activity, whether by intention or accident, it will be grounds for immediate termination of this contract, should the submissive so desire.

Permanent bodily harm shall be determined as:

a. Death
b. Any damage that involves loss of mobility or function, including broken bones.
c. Any permanent marks on the skin, including scars, burns, or tattoos, unless accepted by the submissive .
d. Any loss of hair, unless accepted by the submissive .
e. Any piercing of the flesh which leaves a permanent hole, unless accepted by the submissive .
f. Any diseases that could result in any of the above results, including sexually transmitted

5.0.0 Others
The submissive and Dominant may not seek any other lover or relate to others in any sexual or Dominant/submissive manner. To do so will be considered a breach of contract.

5.0.1 Others knowledge about the contract
Others may be informed about the contract, but only if accepted by both submissive and Dominant. The other person selected to be told must first be informed by the Dominant before the submissive, unless other wise agreed upon by Dominant and submissive. If the others who are informed misuse the information told while acting of there free will and not under any influence of either Dominant or submissive, it does not violate the contract for either submissive or Dominant.

6.0.0 Secrecy
All physical evidence of the submission will be kept in total secrecy, except where both Dominant and submissive agree. Any violation of this clause shall be cause to terminate this contract, should the injured party wish it. The materials and physical evidence shall be kept under lock and key in a place acceptable to both parties.

7.0.0 Alteration of Contract
This contract may not be altered, except when both Dominant and submissive agree. If the contract is altered, the new contract shall be printed and signed, and then the old contract must be destroyed unless agreed to be kept by both submissive and Dominant. But must be made obviously void, by a permanent method, and kept only for nostalgia and reference use. But the destruction of the contracts must be offered to either party, on the event that any subsequent contracts are terminated.

8.0.0 Termination of Contract
This contract may be terminated at any time by the Dominant, but never by the submissive, except under special conditions explained within this contract. Upon termination, all physical evidence of the submission, including this contract, will be destroyed. The submissive, having agreed to give their body to the Dominant, shall once again own their body.

9.0.0 Uniform
The Uniform is the clothing in any form including nothing that either a submissive or a Dominant has agreed or within the conditions of the contract been made to wear.

9.1.0 Dominant’s uniform
The Dominant has the right to wear what the Dominant decides upon, as long as it doesn’t break any condition in the contract.

9.2.0 submissive’s uniform
The submissive will wear what ever is given to them by the Dominant. In the case of the Dominant’s absence or the Dominant not selecting a uniform, and were the Dominant has not ordered the submissive to not wear anything, the following will be worn in the circumstances they are set up for. Uniform also includes ways for the hair to be worn or requirements about its cut.
(Any clothing chosen by submissive to be worn which proves ineffective is the fault of the submissive and does warrant punishment)

9.2.1 Sleepwear
Sleeping with Dominant.

Nothing shall be worn, or a pair of undergarment for the lower area accepted previously by the Dominant (style(s) stated bellow)

Style thongs , Boy shorts (more may be added as a exception)

If wearing of undergarment in bed with Dominant is forbidden then nothing must be worn. Other clothing must be warn if requested by the Dominant.

Sleeping without Dominant (on Dominant absence or choosing)

A pair of undergarments for the lower area and a T-shirt that does not cover more of the submissive’s butt cheeks. Same style as before apply. (if the Dominant has forbidden the weaning of any garment they cannot be worn in any circumstances without the Dominant’s prior permission.)

Sleeping around others with or without the Dominant.

When sleeping around other people who are not considered a Dominant of any form or an others.

The clothing must be suitable unless sleeping with the Dominant, then it must allow the submissive to be clothed in a way not to arouse suspicion about the submissive /Dominant relation. But if not with Dominant, it must be allowed by the Dominant so the submissive may flag the point that others who are not aware, are around and what expected sleep wear is. The Dominant must remember he can alter, allow and deny, but must do so in a way which will not cause unexplainable problems for the submissive, unless he can make it explainable himself.

9.2.2 Natural wear (to be worn when venturing outside the house or grounds while staying with, or While accompanying Dominant.)
T-shirt Which is not forbidden by Dominant, and acceptable for any conditions including weather. \Appropriate skirt for surroundings, is to be worn at least a minimum of 1 time per week.

Shoes are to be appropriate for the rest of the attire, unless said shoes are forbidden.
Bra or underlining of some form must be worn, and must not be visually seen unless previously requested. Panties may be worn. Styles must comply with that of the allowed ones in sleeping wear, and must be clothing appropriate.

While not accompanying Dominant.
Same as above but trousers, or a appropriate length skirt may be worn.

9.2.3 ‘Home’ wear

Same as 9.2.1 Natural wear..

9.2.4 Necessity
A umbrella may be taken (the masters is forbidden unless other wise ordered) as long as it does not impede any tasks to be carried out or conflict with existing orders

A water proof coat may be warn when raining only as long as it does not impede any tasks to be carried out.

Sunglasses may be worn only on sunny days

Sunblock or similar sun protection creams remain the responsibility of the submissive to apply to themselves, unless applied by the Dominant.

Make up may be applied as long as it is allowed by the Dominant, and it will not conflict with any other commands

All necessity’s may be applied out side of the required times at the Dominant’s request.

9.2.5 Jewelry / Accessory’s
A collar/choker must be worn at all times. It can only be removed when in bath or swimming or remove for hygiene purposes. The collar/choker will symbolize the submissive’s submission. The collar/choker can be changed by the Dominant at any time in private. If more then one is owned, the submissive may not change over unless told to do so. Or unless its not an agreed one to be worn in public, in which case it can be swapped but must be swapped back immediately upon returning to ‘home’

A charged working mobile phone must be taken when away from the Dominant. The submissive is to inform the Dominant when the use of the mobile is not available due to events like charging, or situations were a mobile is not permitted. But the submissive must inform the Dominant ahead of time. Punishment for disregarding the above will be as harsh as the Dominant chooses.

Any accessory presented to the submissive, by the Dominant and appropriate, may be taken and worn.

9.2.6 Restraints / Bondage wear
On signing of this contract the submissive has opted into the use of being attached to a leash, in private and at the will of the Dominant, providing it does not violate the contract.

Any methods have to be agreed upon by both parties. But once opted for, it can not be opted out of. The Dominant may choose to opt the submissive into and out of, at any time in a private environment if it is their will.

10.0.0 Exceptions
Any exception made and signed before this contract is agreed to come into effect upon the signing of this contract, unless made at a later date and nothing in a exception can be pre-dated unless stated in the exception. An exception can be void only when both submissive and Dominant agree to it, and said exception needs to be removed from connection to the contract and destroyed. Any thing on said exception unless carried onto a new exception can be dealt with in any way the Dominant feels fit, taking into account all existing exceptions and this contract.

11.0.0 Changes for the ‘period’.
This is providing the submissive has informed the Dominant, other wise the Dominant is expected to treat the submissive as normal regardless. If the Dominant is informed, the submissive can opt out of these temporary changes to the contract. If the Dominant is not informed it is considered a breach of contract and can be severely punished.

The submissive may wear panties at there own choosing, which the submissive has chosen previous. These panties are forbidden all other times.

The submissive may opt out of any vaginal intercourse.
The submissive is not allowed to be forbidden use of the toilet.
The submissive may wear tampons or sanitary towels and is responsible for asking the Dominant to provide them. (the Dominant is in no way in breach of contract by sending the submissive out to get there own or by choosing which type they purchase).
Any punishment which the submissive may need to receive which can not be given during the period, may be given once the period is over. Punishment however, can be combined as the Dominant sees fit.

12.0.0 Terms of Address
In Public.

Addressing the submissive.

Full name, first name or a pet name given by the Dominant, not including “submissive’ may be used at any time.

Addressing the Dominant.

Sir, Sir [name], or a name chosen by the Dominant may be used, which is appropriate for the
surrounding place and/or people.

In private (Also around others who are aware of the contract, and by the agreement of both submissive and Dominant).

Addressing the submissive
Any term may be used as long as it abides to the rest of the contract.

Addressing the Dominant
Dominant or a name chosen by the Dominant and this must be used by the submissive.

The use of “my Dominant” is only allowed for confirming that they are the property of, unless the Dominant has said otherwise.

13.0.0 submissive’s Signature
I have read and fully understand this contract in its entirety. I agree to give over my physical, mental, and emotional self to the Dominant; heart, mind, body, and soul. I understand that I will be commanded and trained and punished as a submissive, and I promise to be true and to fulfill the pleasures and desires of my Dominant to the best of my abilities. I understand that I cannot withdraw from this contract except as stated in this contract.

By signing this i here by give my freewill up and adopt the will of my Dominant.

Signature: sweetcheeks Date:10/23/2012 

14.0.0 Dominant’s Signature
I have read and fully understand this contract in its entirety. I agree to accept this submissive; heart, mind, body, and soul, and to care for them to the best of my ability. I shall provide for their security and well-being and command them, train them, and punish them as a submissive. I understand the responsibility implicit in this arrangement, and agree that no harm shall come to the submissive as long as they are mine. I further understand that I can withdraw from this contract at any time.

Signature: The Loving Dominant Date:10/23/2012